Monday, October 29, 2007

TRI Research1

TRI Research1

Check out this cool link to see all of the scientific data collected on various aliments or conditions, that are posetivley effected by massage and other touch therapies. I love when they do these studies. It's important to me to change societies mental approach to their health. I have always found it ironic (in a sad twist of man's ego) that those traditions of preventative or natural approach to healing the body, those passed down from ancient civilizations and ancestory is considered in our day "Alternative"?!?!?! While those who came up with synthetic drugs in pill form, machinery and unnatural methods to invasively treating the body, have made a name for themselves that assumes that it's methods should be ones first and primary defense, "Traditional Medicine". I in no way deny the role that these new technelogical advances now play in our society, nor would I would I attempt to advise or steer one away from these options. This is simply how I feel, based on my up bringing and experiences in the world of ancestoral traditions and self healing approaches. Take it or leave it. However this research proves that touch therapies (there are many) should be considered in conjunction with other therapies in a treatment plan or prevenative health care plan. It should no longer be looked at as just a luxury, although for some it may be.

Adam will be home Thursday and all is well, that's my ranting for the moment.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Brimley Briefing!!

Yes, I am still breathing and residing on planet Earth! I have been wanting to post an update on everything happening, but as I have said before in other posts, I'm not one who journals much and I'm just plain undisciplined about it. However, as of the 2nd of October I have been putting my discipline to the test! Ever since Moqui was born, I have been wanting to do a series of colonic's to cleanse and detox my body, also after birth this process can really help one to tonify the organs that were compromised during pregnancy. Did I mention you naturally loose weight too! Okay, so loosing weight is not my intention in the cleanse but it is a nice hopeful side effect. If you want to know more about what comes out during a colon cleans, here is a link to the product I'm using.
Warning..........once you click this link you will encounter some disgusting and potentially
nauseating photos of results people have had using this product, really cool if you can stomach it and read their experiences. If you have a week stomach click here to be spared.

So Adam is in Utah working for a few weeks, I'm starting to miss him. Yes, I know starting
seems strange, right! Well we've been away before like this, last time I think he went to Utah it was a week, over the summer he spent 6 weeks in Flagstaff, coming home on the weekends sometimes. So I guess I've become some what accustom to him leaving. Once I hit the 7 day mark I begin to think about fond memories and become teary eyed and just long for his beautiful smile and warm embrace.

This week was parent teacher conference. Kaleb's teacher says he is reading at least 2nd grade level and wants him tested for a gifted program, this is good news but was also followed with some potentially bad news. When they do "dibles" testing they also do hearing tests and vision
tests, you remember, we've all been there. The nurse says that Kaleb might be color blind, since summer Kaleb has been wincing and blinking allot, so we need to do a little investigation. Other than that he is doing really well. Wednesday, Kaleb also had his first piano lesson. I look forward to watching him grow with that.

Ethan's conference went well too! He is right were
he needs to be, but could use some help and encouragement to keep him there. It seems like Kindergarten depending on the teacher could really go one way or another. Meaning recognizing and comprehending the alphabet and sounds of letters and being able to read simple words like, "I, me, the, cat, he, she, go", simple math and knowing shapes, just being ready for 1st grade. Or, the teacher could really not like being there and the kids do not benefit as they should. I saw this happen to a whole class last year that Kaleb was supposed to be in, but I had him switch teachers. Ethan has had growing pains lately, the other night before bed I massaged his legs with oils and aromas, then it woke him from sleep at 1am, poor little guy. After explaining to him what he was experiencing and that Kaleb went through it to, he didn't worry about it, but it was scary not knowing what was going on in your body.

Moqui is talking allot, " please, mine, mom, water, drive, bye bye, eat, potty, Moe, hat, shoes, papa". She is into everything and very independent. Don't try to pick her up unless she wants you to. Running, jumping, hopping, singing, dancing and copying everything
her brothers do are her favorite things to do. Before Adam left, he was teaching Moqui to swim and doing better in the water than most 3 year olds. He so proud of his ability to have taught all of our kids to swim without any outside instruction. Right now, Moqui is in the beginning stages of potty training. (Moqui in little girl underwear) Any tips or advise will be welcome, please! Her hair is long enough that I could put it in a bun knot by itself. Did I mention her favorite snack right now is Beef Jerky! Well I think for now that will do it. We are going to Robins for a visit.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Check Out "The Shift"

Click here if you live on planet Earth....thanks!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Who did your hair?


McDowell Montail Village
15029 N. Thompson Peak Parkway
Scottsdale Arizona



(if you dont mind head over tub hair scrub, I didnt :))

Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh and.....

Check out my random rantings on my new blog! The link can be found in 'Kula'.

All Day School!!

Both of them all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, it'sKaleb and Ethan just started the new year in school. Ethan in kindergarten, Kaleb in first grade. just to weird, but I think I'm going to like it. Here are some pics. in the cafeteria, one of Ethan not noticing me or going through withdrawal, simply ready to be more independent.
This one is a little fuzzy, but Kaleb is doing his signature pose so I had to include it.

Sleep Over Pics.

Back to school sleep over.

Last Friday was really great. We all had so much fun. It started off with heading out to Robin's to pick up Tucker for the night and snuggle new baby Henry, Charlotte too! Then the boys and I went to Chucky Cheese. We had allot of fun playing games and running around chasing Chucky. Tucker was reluctant to hug Chucky, but Kaleb and Ethan wanted to see if he was real or not.

Tucker was so cute playing some of the games, he stuck his little tong out and licked his lips a few times before throwing a ball. Later that night we watch Lilo and Stich with cookies and popcorn on the pull out bed. Moqui was so cute just being like the boys. Saturday Adam took Tucky home and went on to Flagstaff with the boys. Moqui and I stayed behind, that was really nice to. So that's the weekend in a nut shell, enjoy the pics.

I couldn't help squishing him close to me, he was so soft and warm and he smelled so sweet. I wanted to take his blanket home with me, you think Robin would be weirded out by that?!?!

Isn't Robin gorgeous!

Hair Vote

For those of you who haven't seen me lately, the dred's are gone! :(

However, they'll be back in a year or so, but in the mean time, I'm sporting a fun and sassy new cut.

I had been so used to my dreads that I wouldn't give them a second thought and I felt they suited me. Just FYI, if you ever want to get dreads and are considering dread perms, make sure the stylest trained with "hair police" and most importantly has done several dread perms. They can turn out fantastic at first, but if not done correctly, they can be uneven and hard to manage like mine were. JUST DO IT NATURAL if you have the patience.

Okay, so what do you think? Add your 2 cents at the top :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Rainbow's, Wind and Rain....Oh my!

Click on the images to see how silly they are and how windy it really is.
Coolidge neighbor kids came over to play in the backyard as a storm was on the horizon.

I love this picture, Adam took it while I was in class. They have allot of fun while mommy's gone.
These are from our backyard. I love monsoon season in Arizona, Coolidge especially!

A Good Hair Day!

This my friends does not happen often. Moqui hates for anyone to touch her hair. So the fact that I was able to complete a style on her hair is unheard of. I had to take pictures and show them off. SOOOOOO CUTE!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ethan's Birthday Fun

I'm 5 today!

My brother and sister came over to play a game of baseball in the back yard.

Moqui got in on the fun to! Here she is, surprisingly with a diaper on.

Ethan is waiting at 3rd base.
Silly Ethan, give me some lovin'!

We went to see Ratatouie, Moqui still doesnt do as well in the theater as we would all like, Adam mostly hung out with her. Still, Kaleb and Ethan had there moments while the movie was playing that they fought. Ethan stood up and Kaleb yelled at him full volume to get out of his way, he couldnt see! Arguing and fighting is apart of every day life these days, exhausting!

Take a good look at this picture, aside from the obvious lot of silly boys, above Papas head is what is called an orb. A ball of light that is said to represent a spirit. Adam said that it must be lint from the air cooler behind me. I took several pictures near that cooler and even with the camera facing it head on, no other picture has anything remotely like this in them.
Call me kooky, but it's my belief that a spirit was present and was allowing it's self to be seen. I've seen a few of these before and in my opinion, they are a reminder that thou our loved ones may be dead and no longer hold the same form you and I have, they are always with us.

Anyway, tonight is boys club at Nana's, hopefully she will take some pictures of video so I can share it with ya'll. That's all for now.

A much needed GIRLS NIGHT!

Holy crap I look pregnant in this picture!

It was the first time I've seen Karen in a long time, she has just come home from Georgia. Sarah's been a busy momma to, I havent seen her in forever either. We went to Pita Jungle in Tempe, I was a little late and by the time I had said hello to everyone and sat down a handsome young gentleman had been their to get my drink order. He was so pretty, I found myself thrusted back to gitty school girl, shy, blushing and unable to articulate a complete sentence...HHAHAHAHAH! "Green Tea Please". It was great fun to find that I was not the only one he had that effect on.
Sitting on one end of the table, I was seated in front of Shawna, whom I only met once in passing at Colleen's house and had the pleasure of talking to for most of the dinner. I was mostly lost in the conversations going on at the table, about people I dont know. As we were sitting there, Abbie recieved a picture text message that someone she knew just gave birth. That was kind of cool, to be in one place experiencing one thing and knowing at the same time someone is having a completely different experiene not to far away. Anyway, I was able to find out a little about Shawna and decided that I like her, she treated me to cheese cake, so I think she likes me to. Robin and I went to the bathroom together and then headed to Target to shop for Ethan's birthday present and talk. All in all a much needed night out and good fun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Adam is now.....datdadahhh......GREEN LEAF CONTRACTING LLC! Right now he is doing cabinets for a friend of the family, he also has two houses in Gold Canyon that he will be painting this month. I am so very proud of this man. He means the world to me and I know that he will be a big sucsess in doing what he loves, and by the way doing what he has spent years mastering. The Green Leaf dream means independence for Adam, it also means making a diffrence in the environment and in the way people think about building. Adam has spent countless hours of research to find the kind of products that are healthier (non-toxic,no fumes), environmentally friendly and practical. I'm not just talking paint either, his passion for home renovation exceeds beyond your four walls. Solar water heaters, wind energy, pre cast concrete, adobe building, self sustainable living and renewable energy and fueling such as biodiesel (just ask him about biodiesel watch him light up!) is what Green Leaf will eventually be all about. So when you see him, congratulate him. If you know someone who could use a good painter, let them know about him, word of mouth is the best way to do business. Thanks!


My Wish List

I've started school last weekend. Right now kinesiology, some Chinese medical massage theory, application and assesment stuff, later in the month, some ayurvedic massage....all very fun and exciting. I'm not doing clinic at the school yet, but would like to practice some of the new stuff I'm learning. Anyone interested? Allot of the books on my list are of personal interest, some I could really use to expand on what I'm learning. I love to share, you know, let people know what I'm in to, maybe inspire someone or at least strike up conversation on a mutually passionate topic. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


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I made this great dinner after the boys, Moqui and I got home from the YMCA. I was so proud of the little white sole fish fillet rubbed with ginger, fresh orange zest, oil and juice, neatly packed in foil with fresh organic broccoli and asparagus. Of course these types of meals meet some resistance once at the table, I'm not real sure why, when they eat it all anyway?!?!

It's not like I haven't had asparagus before, certainly not often, but that day had been long and the first moment I had to myself to sit and relax was in the bathroom after putting the kids to bed. That's when I noticed it! My pee smelled just like asparagus! Immediately I thought I should remember to call Adam and tell him. If you know Adam, bodily functions of all types are a great conversation piece and are discussed often anyway.

Do you know what he said to me? "You didn't know!?" "No." I said. "So this is a well known fact is what your telling me, and I have been totally oblivious?" "Yeah, ask anyone in my family, ask Sarah, tell them that your pee smelled funny after dinner, they'll say... did you have asparagus." Well, there you have it. The moment I stop to relax for a moment and smell the.........asparagus, I mean pee, or I mean roses. I wonder what revelations come from those men who like to meditate while moving their bowels? Think about that one for a minute! HAHAHAH
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Monday, June 4, 2007

1st day @ summer school!

So Ethan started his first day of summer school off with...pouting, whining, crying, running away and finally as a last resort utter protest, he sat in the middle of the dirt and refused to move. The night before was when it really started, although he knew it was coming and we talked about how great it would be, what fun he would have, none of it stopped his hour and a half pouting session.

Well I don't know if it was the right thing to do or not, but I forced him to go to class. I had to drop off Kaleb and Moqui with my younger brother that is thankfully home on summer break, turn right back around and sat with him in his class for 45min. His teacher discouraged parents from staying with good reason, however, he has been very clingy for the last few months. We've been home alone together for months, taking naps together, snuggling and such, so of course I expected him to fear more independence. But guess what, I left after a while and he had a great day. Tomorrow he wants to go to the cafeteria by himself and go to class with his teacher.

Ahhhh(big sigh), he's so grown up! He's my lil' baby boy, happy tears! :) So I took some pictures of all of us eating breakfast in the cafeteria.

Ethan after school video.