Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Check Out "The Shift"

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Who did your hair?


McDowell Montail Village
15029 N. Thompson Peak Parkway
Scottsdale Arizona



(if you dont mind head over tub hair scrub, I didnt :))

Monday, August 6, 2007

Oh and.....

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All Day School!!

Both of them all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, it'sKaleb and Ethan just started the new year in school. Ethan in kindergarten, Kaleb in first grade. just to weird, but I think I'm going to like it. Here are some pics. in the cafeteria, one of Ethan not noticing me or going through withdrawal, simply ready to be more independent.
This one is a little fuzzy, but Kaleb is doing his signature pose so I had to include it.

Sleep Over Pics.

Back to school sleep over.

Last Friday was really great. We all had so much fun. It started off with heading out to Robin's to pick up Tucker for the night and snuggle new baby Henry, Charlotte too! Then the boys and I went to Chucky Cheese. We had allot of fun playing games and running around chasing Chucky. Tucker was reluctant to hug Chucky, but Kaleb and Ethan wanted to see if he was real or not.

Tucker was so cute playing some of the games, he stuck his little tong out and licked his lips a few times before throwing a ball. Later that night we watch Lilo and Stich with cookies and popcorn on the pull out bed. Moqui was so cute just being like the boys. Saturday Adam took Tucky home and went on to Flagstaff with the boys. Moqui and I stayed behind, that was really nice to. So that's the weekend in a nut shell, enjoy the pics.

I couldn't help squishing him close to me, he was so soft and warm and he smelled so sweet. I wanted to take his blanket home with me, you think Robin would be weirded out by that?!?!

Isn't Robin gorgeous!

Hair Vote

For those of you who haven't seen me lately, the dred's are gone! :(

However, they'll be back in a year or so, but in the mean time, I'm sporting a fun and sassy new cut.

I had been so used to my dreads that I wouldn't give them a second thought and I felt they suited me. Just FYI, if you ever want to get dreads and are considering dread perms, make sure the stylest trained with "hair police" and most importantly has done several dread perms. They can turn out fantastic at first, but if not done correctly, they can be uneven and hard to manage like mine were. JUST DO IT NATURAL if you have the patience.

Okay, so what do you think? Add your 2 cents at the top :)