Friday, February 23, 2007

Fab Feb!

Not much going on here in Coolidge. Last week was however a little more busy than usual. My yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays are keeping me busy during the week, it's only one hour in the morning but between getting Kaleb off to school, dressing Moqui and Ethan, to getting home and making lunch, I'm tired. My neighbors helped me take a couch and blankets and canned food to a family in Coolidge that lost their home to a fire.
I think that was last Wednesday, Friday my mother spent her first night in Coolidge, she has just leased a house 2 blocks down from us in the same subdivision, pretty cool! She watched the kids for us that night, Adam went four wheeling, I went to a healing chakras workshop. Saturday morning, my mom, sister Stephanie and Jared went to Mesa to pick up a moving truck. Mom does not like U-haul trucks so I did all the driving, we had some help loading the truck from my aunt and uncle Doolittle, they live in Gold Canyon, east AJ. The same day I had a baby shower to go to. My neighbors sister Reyna is having her 4th baby, but first girl.
My family on my mothers side is a mixture of Mexican, Indian (or native American to clarify), Spanish, and a dash of gringo spices (Irish, dutch, know the 'allspice' we all have a little right!). I remember having great family parties as a young girl, a very Mexican experience. It seems like it has been forever since I had such an experience. Well last Saturday was a hell of a party. There was fantastic food piled high, fresh tortillas, salsa, beans and other variety meat dishes........DELICIOUS!!! Long tables with pink paper coverings, balloons, pile'0' presents stacked high, an outside DJ with lights, speakers and a microphone, providing a constant flow of cumbia, latin rock, Shakira and a little of the stuff you hear on the street vibrating from the car 3 blocks behind you. There were a few people there drinking, but no one was sloppy or belligerent, we all danced talked and just enjoyed ourselves. Kaleb, Ethan and I stayed until 10:30pm, Adam left early with Moqui and put her to bed. There were sooo many kids there, it was hard keeping track of them all.
Sunday, nothing. I was so tired from the week I didn't want to leave my bed, but of course mommy duty called. This time, by the time I got up and dressed and walked into the kitchen (9am), Kaleb and Ethan had already gone to my moms house and had eggs and biscuits with their grandma, how sweet. Monday was a holiday, we all hung out in the morning ate breakfast, played outside in the back yard and took turns on the tramp. Later we went to homedepot and bought some plants, flowers and organic compost. Every time we go there Adam has a great time with the kids making them laugh hysterically, running up and down the outside ails of the garden center, peeling out in the puddles and doing 180's. Moqui, I think busted a gut laughing so hard, her mouth and eyes were open so wide as Adam rushed down the ails, I'm sure she caught bugs in there.
Tuesday, I talked to Robin about girls night right before I headed out the door for class. When I got home again, I was tired! I made a cup of coffee took it outside and began to sift through dirt and compost and potted the plants we acquired the night before. It felt great to be outside working with soil and admire the variety of Gods creations, the colors, smells and textures all so unique. The complexity of their genetic make up and how effortlessly they grow, my thoughts and feelings at that moment were, perhaps heaven isn't a place earned or unseen until death, perhaps it's earned each day and to be experienced now, here on earth. Could there really be a more beautiful place holding as many riches as we now behold on Earth!?!?!
We were also given an African Sulcatu Tortoise from our neighbor Cindy. She just had too many animals to take care of and thought we might want him. Well if I were to take on any new animals this little guy definitely fit the bill, small, easy to take care of and doesn't scratch up furniture. Ethan calls him froggy, yes, he knows it's a tortoise but insists that is his name. Thursday class and wal-mart, I was on a budget and was able to keep to it, yeah me!! Again tired by the time I got home and just before I had to get Kaleb from school. WHY??? Around 2pm I am exhausted I just don't know what imbalances are causing this, I'm sure my lately crappy diet has something to do with it. Then I cleaned up made dinner, walked around the block with my neighbor and her two daughters then left to girls night. There were a few new faces there, which was great, I always like to meet new people. I wanted to order swordfish, just to try it, but Adam's been working hard to in bed a seed of frugality in me, he was successful! Swordfish 14.99 or Thai chicken wrap 8.99, I was able to set aside the voice in my head only once I hunted the waitress down and changed my order to the wraps.
That's about it for now! Although, this weekend promises to be as busy, so look for another update soon.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Sun-day Hike

Wow! I'm so grateful to live in Coolidge. It's treasures are sometimes easy to take for granted and some of them are more obviously seen than others. For example, the Great House Ruins are the most obvious feature. Every time I have gone there I have had kids with me so I am limited some what in my exploring, but the kids enjoy it every time. Eventually I would like to take my time in the exhibit and watch the movie they offer. The history of this area is rich and amazing.

Yesterday, Adam and I were on the same page which was refreshing on it's own, we both felt like it was such a beautiful day, it would be a waste to spend any of it inside. Adam has been commuting to Casa Grande for the last few weeks and regularly looks for different ways to get from here to there. Last week he stumbled upon a desert park. This park is behind the Central Arizona Community College, it had about 15 to 20 different covered picnic areas with grills, and easy hiking paths. The main feature of this park are the little mountains that look like a pile of boulders stacked on each other, some of them look more deliberate than others, but all are nature made. This is what is so facinating about the area.

Anyway, we had fun. When the boys started saying the didn't want to walk anymore (20min. into the walk) and just before Adam got too annoyed by there less than enthusiastic attitudes, we stopped and I led them through an energizing yoga move, and we said out loud how grateful we are for our bodies, this day and this beautiful place. Off we went looking for walking sticks! The boys lasted another 45 minutes. Moqui was of course going with the flow and after awhile we put her down and let her walk around and pick up rocks. Over all we had a great family adventure.

How it all began.

This was originally an email, but I thought it would be good to post for those who read my blog that I may not have an email address for.

Reiki and Me

Early July of last year, I was in allot of pain, I had pain getting in and out of bed, standing for long periods of time and even driving. I needed to address this issue immediately. I had no insurance to see a doctor, both massage and chiropractic had helped me in the past, but the last time I had visited a chiropractor I was put in more pain for three days. Both of these therapies together are awesome when taken regularly at least 2x a month, being a massage therapist that is what I recommended to my clients, friends and family, but I couldn't afford that either.
I had been exposed to reiki several times since I was little, and I decided that I would take a new approach to what was going on with my body. I sought out reiki to gently relax my body without manipulating me physically. I knew also that sometimes pain is a result of blockages in the flow of the bodies energy system. Imbalances in ones life, whether it be mental, spiritual, or physical slow the flow of energy causing blocked circulation of vital life force that in turn puts stress on that area physically, at that point your body communicates the imbalance with first subtle pain. Then if not addressed it begins to shout for a remedy, this is where I was when I received reiki. Within 2 weeks after 4 reiki sessions, I began to feel better. Not only was the pain subsiding, but I had come to realize some of the issues behind the physical manifestation of the imbalances in my life. I had also decided that this was something I wanted to cultivate within myself and share with my children, husband, cat, plants, my neighbors and others.
I completed reiki 1 and 2 by August of 2006 and just finished reiki level 3a in January of this year, I plan on continuing on to become a Reiki Master/ Teacher when the time is right. I have been treating people in my community with reiki in my home office in Coolidge and have just finished my website. This is were you can find more information about reiki and it's origins and also request treatments. My goal now is to touch as many lives with this beautiful, gentle, loving energy as humanly possible. This is my work and my contribution to society, through which I hope to make the world a more loving place, for my children and their generation and hopefully for more generations to come.
If you have made it through this long email, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to find out a little about me. I posted a link to my website above and also below. You can also email me anytime to find out more, if you are interested in doing reiki yourself I can direct you to a great teacher.
Namaste and God Bless.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

This weeks highlights

Well this week was a pretty cool week, more action than most. Kaleb and Ethan had their first two karate classes. The classes were intended for Ethan, but Kaleb ended up being way into it. Perhaps he would be the one to benefit, I do still have hopes for Ethan. Jonah crossed the Vail into our world Wednesday January 30th, or maybe he came through the Vail at conception!?!? That I will leave for another post. None the less Emily and Brandon's baby boy is beautiful and healthy, mom and dad of course are very happy.

My birthday was Thursday the first of February, I'm 26 now. I know, I'm just a baby. Colleen and I share a birth date, so happy birthday to my favorite mother-in-law! I asked Adam how old she is this year, "I don't even know." okay thanks anyway, I think early 50's. Robin brought her kids over to hang out with us out here in Coolidge. We were two tired mommy's with tired little girls and playful, rambunctious boys. I bought us some local mexican food, the famous pollo palimeno fried enchilada hit the spot for me. It doesn't get any more fattening than that. My neighbors brought over a pot of beautiful hyacinth, lavender with the most fantastic aroma, I cant wait to plant the bulbs for next year. One more thing, I finally finished my website and published it for the world to see! Very Exciting Indeed!
Check it out tell me if you like it.
"YES SIR." This is the standard reply from the boys now, not just in class either. I love karate!