Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Snow Hurray!

Kaleb is on spring break right now, most school districts had their's the begining of the month, weird. We also usually go to the beach for spring break, this year we went to Flagstaff to visit my dad and grandparents and to take in the fresh pine smell that saturates the air up there. It was cold but not friged or anything, although it did snow the day we came in but in the morning before we arrived.

We all hung out went for walks and talked. The boys look forward very much to hiking on trails and exploring with their g-grandpa and his dogs. Moqui came along this time and she was no exception. She loved it! All three of them are great little adventurers. Kaleb and Ethan took turns being trail leaders, Moqui took a hill too fast and biffed it a little as a result she has a small cherry on her forehead.

Flagstaff is my town, I spent part of my elementary years there and a few summers and while living in the Grand Canyon it was the closest place to do shopping. The place for crystal or gemstone shopping can be found corner of E. Santa Fe and N. San Francisco just north of Humpfrey the main strip in Flag. My dad, grandma and I spent 2 hours in Crystal Magic shopping for all types of quartz, lapis and flourite. I love the smell of metaphysical stores as if it were a smell from my childhood that holds memory or something. Most people associate smells with childhood memory like pumpkin pie at thanks giving time, or the comforting smell of rain on the ground. I like all of that too, just something about sandalwood, dry burning sage and oils

So Thursday afternoon it snowed! That's right, in Flagstaff you can have your yellow blooming tulips and big white fluffy snow too!
Isnt Adam Hilarious! He was great to be around the whole time, which is saying alot anytime we have to travel.

Friday, March 23, 2007

This week.

The week is at a close and it has felt like a full one. Sunday my cousin brought her daughter Olivia over( we called her Livi all week). The boys loved having her, Moqui not so much, it took some attention away from her when she would have liked having mom to herself. Livi is 5 months old so she pretty much needed me all day with few exceptions. She went home wed. night, I survived and so did Moqui.

Ethan and Moqui all week were in the backyard having a great time, yesterday not so much because of super heavy rain spurts, but in between, you better believe they were out there.

Thursday we cleaned the boys room it´s been a good month since the last time we tackled that horrific task. I found an old school desk with all in one surface and shelves in great condition and a chair to match for 10$ at the local Coolidge thrift store. I was proud of myself for being thrifty and acquiring something I think is pretty cool! I bought it for Kaleb, he hasn't really had a designated spot for homework, this way he will have his own space. Speaking of Kaleb, I had a conference with his teacher, just a progress report basically. Academically he is doing fantastic! I´m so proud, socially not abnormal at all. You know, playing guns and super hero's in class.

Last night we all went to our neighbors house for their daughter Karen´s birthday, we were there late, playing eating cake, carne asada and fresh salsa. The boys all dressed up in costumes just for fun, it was so cute! I feel awful for Adam, he´s been driving out to Phoenix lately for extra work and is driving for a good 3 hours in heavy traffic and gets home just before bedtime. He has been in good spirits though and it´s spring break, time to get away for a few days. I think we will go to Flagstaff. I know it´s not the beach but it´s gorgeous and we have family there. We are down to 2 kittens left so if you want one you had better act fast!

That´s all for now.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Miss Us!?!?

I know I've been real crappy about keeping up, sorry. Unfortunatly, I dont think I'm one who is able to journal every day or even a few times a week, there just isnt that much to report. Today I just want to do a breif update. I'm not teaching yoga right now, I feel like I realy need to focus my energy on Reiki and my home. We went to Body World 3 on wednesday, I took my sister Stephanie, Kaleb and Ethan. Considering the amount of waiting we had to do just to get into the exhibition the boys were great. The science center had alot for them to do once they got restless in the Body exhibition. I know some of you may wonder if this activity is appropriate for toddlers, I think that it is a rare oppertunity that should be embraced if you feel your child doesnt get grossed out too easily. I did see other kids there younger than Ethan even, also babies in strollers, I just wouldnt recomend it for them and also for your own sanity. It is kind of expensive (22$ adults, 16$ for kids this price includes admission for the Science Center activities) so if you go to all the trouble to go, it would be unfortunate to have to leave for a fussy baby.

Moqui is so incredible, right now she is starting to say a few words, momma, dad, hot, bebee she has a particular noise she makes for yes, but aside from that she is signing her communication aswell. She signs for baby, eat, more, no and if you ask where Moqui is, she will pat here chest. My best friends in Coolidge are a Mexican family a few houses down, the love her soo much. When the boys and I went to the exhibit wed., she stayed the day with Cecy and all here family that are visiting. When I came back they said that Moqui belonged with them because she is so Mexican! She loves to eat their Mexican food, dance to Mexican music (especial with trupets and trambones) and she likes it when they speak spanish to her to. Not only does she act a little Mexican, she responds to Spanish when it is spoken to her. Bilar, beinaca aqui, besos, adios, gracias, hola, bravo and I 'm sure more than that, but some of those words are comands and you can see that she understands. Wow, she is my joy! My sister even asked me what language was going to be her first language because she hears me speak spanish to Moqui to. I thought that was great, we're well on our way to a bi-lingual baby!

Kaleb is reading like he is in 2nd grade and he looks like he should be one to. He stands out in our family, he's so sensative about the things that he likes and dosent like. He likes to dress in this button down chruch shirt that is of course to small for him, a tie and slacks just for the day. Sometimes he is pretending to be a reporter, but most of the time if I let him this is how he would dress all the time. Ethan and Moqui dont like to get dressed at all let alone nicely, at least not without a good fight. So when I tell Kaleb to change into a t-shirt and shorts he doesnt understand why he should, nor does he want to. He is just so independant.

Ethan is a dirt worm, for the last three days he as spent almost the entire day in a sand pile that is in an empty lot across the street. He loves the texture or something, but he has always liked nothing more than being in dirt or sand. He is deffinetly ready for school, he might go to a summer kintergarden session offered by our school, this would be great to give him the confidence he needs to start somthing as big as school.

Adam and I are doing good, it has felt like a roller coaster ride of ups and downs in the last few months, currently crusing so not alot to report there anyway. Once my workshop is over at the end of the month we will have an oppertunity for more dates, much needed. My cousin Samantha is in Vegas for 3 days and I am watching her 5month old baby Olivia, so if I dont answer the phone or return phone calls right away this week you'll know I'm juggeling babies, toddlers, turtles and kittens. By the way does any one want a kitten? Let me know, I have 3 left and 1 that is bigger and potty trained. I dont know if my spell check is working, I clicked on it like 4 times and nothing happend and you all know what kind of speller I am, not a very good one, so please ignore any grammer or spelling errors you may find. Or at least try to ignore, other wise I hope you get a good laugh out of it.