Friday, July 27, 2007

Rainbow's, Wind and Rain....Oh my!

Click on the images to see how silly they are and how windy it really is.
Coolidge neighbor kids came over to play in the backyard as a storm was on the horizon.

I love this picture, Adam took it while I was in class. They have allot of fun while mommy's gone.
These are from our backyard. I love monsoon season in Arizona, Coolidge especially!

A Good Hair Day!

This my friends does not happen often. Moqui hates for anyone to touch her hair. So the fact that I was able to complete a style on her hair is unheard of. I had to take pictures and show them off. SOOOOOO CUTE!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ethan's Birthday Fun

I'm 5 today!

My brother and sister came over to play a game of baseball in the back yard.

Moqui got in on the fun to! Here she is, surprisingly with a diaper on.

Ethan is waiting at 3rd base.
Silly Ethan, give me some lovin'!

We went to see Ratatouie, Moqui still doesnt do as well in the theater as we would all like, Adam mostly hung out with her. Still, Kaleb and Ethan had there moments while the movie was playing that they fought. Ethan stood up and Kaleb yelled at him full volume to get out of his way, he couldnt see! Arguing and fighting is apart of every day life these days, exhausting!

Take a good look at this picture, aside from the obvious lot of silly boys, above Papas head is what is called an orb. A ball of light that is said to represent a spirit. Adam said that it must be lint from the air cooler behind me. I took several pictures near that cooler and even with the camera facing it head on, no other picture has anything remotely like this in them.
Call me kooky, but it's my belief that a spirit was present and was allowing it's self to be seen. I've seen a few of these before and in my opinion, they are a reminder that thou our loved ones may be dead and no longer hold the same form you and I have, they are always with us.

Anyway, tonight is boys club at Nana's, hopefully she will take some pictures of video so I can share it with ya'll. That's all for now.

A much needed GIRLS NIGHT!

Holy crap I look pregnant in this picture!

It was the first time I've seen Karen in a long time, she has just come home from Georgia. Sarah's been a busy momma to, I havent seen her in forever either. We went to Pita Jungle in Tempe, I was a little late and by the time I had said hello to everyone and sat down a handsome young gentleman had been their to get my drink order. He was so pretty, I found myself thrusted back to gitty school girl, shy, blushing and unable to articulate a complete sentence...HHAHAHAHAH! "Green Tea Please". It was great fun to find that I was not the only one he had that effect on.
Sitting on one end of the table, I was seated in front of Shawna, whom I only met once in passing at Colleen's house and had the pleasure of talking to for most of the dinner. I was mostly lost in the conversations going on at the table, about people I dont know. As we were sitting there, Abbie recieved a picture text message that someone she knew just gave birth. That was kind of cool, to be in one place experiencing one thing and knowing at the same time someone is having a completely different experiene not to far away. Anyway, I was able to find out a little about Shawna and decided that I like her, she treated me to cheese cake, so I think she likes me to. Robin and I went to the bathroom together and then headed to Target to shop for Ethan's birthday present and talk. All in all a much needed night out and good fun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Adam is now.....datdadahhh......GREEN LEAF CONTRACTING LLC! Right now he is doing cabinets for a friend of the family, he also has two houses in Gold Canyon that he will be painting this month. I am so very proud of this man. He means the world to me and I know that he will be a big sucsess in doing what he loves, and by the way doing what he has spent years mastering. The Green Leaf dream means independence for Adam, it also means making a diffrence in the environment and in the way people think about building. Adam has spent countless hours of research to find the kind of products that are healthier (non-toxic,no fumes), environmentally friendly and practical. I'm not just talking paint either, his passion for home renovation exceeds beyond your four walls. Solar water heaters, wind energy, pre cast concrete, adobe building, self sustainable living and renewable energy and fueling such as biodiesel (just ask him about biodiesel watch him light up!) is what Green Leaf will eventually be all about. So when you see him, congratulate him. If you know someone who could use a good painter, let them know about him, word of mouth is the best way to do business. Thanks!


My Wish List

I've started school last weekend. Right now kinesiology, some Chinese medical massage theory, application and assesment stuff, later in the month, some ayurvedic massage....all very fun and exciting. I'm not doing clinic at the school yet, but would like to practice some of the new stuff I'm learning. Anyone interested? Allot of the books on my list are of personal interest, some I could really use to expand on what I'm learning. I love to share, you know, let people know what I'm in to, maybe inspire someone or at least strike up conversation on a mutually passionate topic. Let me know what you think.