Monday, October 29, 2007

TRI Research1

TRI Research1

Check out this cool link to see all of the scientific data collected on various aliments or conditions, that are posetivley effected by massage and other touch therapies. I love when they do these studies. It's important to me to change societies mental approach to their health. I have always found it ironic (in a sad twist of man's ego) that those traditions of preventative or natural approach to healing the body, those passed down from ancient civilizations and ancestory is considered in our day "Alternative"?!?!?! While those who came up with synthetic drugs in pill form, machinery and unnatural methods to invasively treating the body, have made a name for themselves that assumes that it's methods should be ones first and primary defense, "Traditional Medicine". I in no way deny the role that these new technelogical advances now play in our society, nor would I would I attempt to advise or steer one away from these options. This is simply how I feel, based on my up bringing and experiences in the world of ancestoral traditions and self healing approaches. Take it or leave it. However this research proves that touch therapies (there are many) should be considered in conjunction with other therapies in a treatment plan or prevenative health care plan. It should no longer be looked at as just a luxury, although for some it may be.

Adam will be home Thursday and all is well, that's my ranting for the moment.


Emily said...

That is a really amazing study-site. Glad to see a new blog from you. I wish insurance would cover massage and acupuncture!

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