Monday, February 4, 2008

Sugar Free Week 2

I guess the title is not entirly true, unfortunatly. I am happy to report it is true for some of us. Our family meeting went well. We layed out rules and looked at labels and other names sugar goes by. To make things interesting and motivating for the kids we set a two month goal. Assuming we are sucsessful with our goal, our family will go on a beach, camping trip for 3 days! Ohh...they love this idea!

The first day at school after our family agreement, I got up extra early to make their lunches, unfortunatly I had nothing for them to drink yet (sugary drinks not an option). So I gave them .50 each for milk. The question was raised about chocolate or pink strawberry milk and I explained how they added unnatural things to the milk that make it taste like a strawberry or chocolate and that it was out of the question. On the way to school I reminded them again about our goal and asked them what they would say if they were offered a sugary treat, "No, thank you." they replied. Okay, at this point one must trust that when given the oppertunity to experience independence and exercise good decsion making, that we've done enough to know our children will make good choices. I asked Kaleb and Ethan about there day when they got home. Ethan told me that a boy in his class had a birthday, "did he share treats with the class Ethan?" I asked. "Cupcakes Mom (pause with trademark puckered lips, narrowing of cheeks, revealing dimples and blushing)" , "what did you say when he offered a treat?", Ethan " in his voice), I forgot." It was so cute, I couln't be upset. Especially since I found out later that day that Kaleb bought pink milk, he forgot too.

Okay, so Moqui has been doing well. She likes herbal teas in her sippy and honey in her oatmeal so honestly, in the long run I'll worry about her less. Kaleb and Ethan with vigorous repetition of the word "no." and the camping goal reminder now and again, they to will find it easier. Adam wont eat it unless it's in the house and rarely wastes money on sweets, except for some reason last week. So really fighting my own addiction to sugar is and will be the hardest addiction I've ever had to overcome. Having done it with other substances, I know I am perfectly capable. Caffiene headaches, I've had a few. One was so awfull I just could not think straight. I scrambled around in my pantry to find some relief. Luckily I had some flower essences remaining, I took a few drops under the toung with water and within 10 minutes I was fine. I notice without sugar in my drinks or a sweet treat of some sort, I am short temperd, impatient and worst of all a yelling monster. So it's not been easy and I did cheat at school on Saturday, the school vending machine caught me at a vounerable snacky time and the M&M's won.

All in all I have great hopes that our family will create a new norm that is life without sugar, overcomming our desires, make good choices, meeting goals and appreciating a healthy lifestyle. So today I picked up the kids at school as it was pooring rain. Kaleb proudly declared to me as he hopped into the truck that he hadn't had any sugar today and he choose white milk over the pink. Ethan said he also had an oppertunity to say no to a treat in class today that he knew had sugar in it. I feel so humbled and blessed that they chose me as their mother, they are such special, sensative and gentle spirits and the world will benefit from their existance, this I know.


Emily said...

I am SO proud of you guys!

Lauren said...

Wow, that is some dang serious dedication. I am impressed!

Tori :) said...

I know for a fact I am addicted to sugar. I LOVE candy!! I am impressed with your family's goal and dedication. :)

(I'm friends with Robin, Emily and Lauren...)

Dustin Jolley said...

Anybody familiar with the word, "brainwashing?" You can't force your kids to do something that you know good and well that most kids do want to do. Lol!