Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Arboritum Superior

Adam and I had a Saturday day date together a few weeks ago. It was lovely. We had coffee and breakfast in Gold Canyon, there was an art festival in the parking lot where we ate. We don't plan things and most of the time it's hit and miss, but that day we couldn't have planned it better. So we drove 15 minutes north to Superior on a beautiful mountain road arriving at the arboritum and payed 7.50 each to get in. It was soooo..... nice to leasurly walk with my husband and soak up the beauty of nature surrounding us, not thinking about the kids, not have to be anywhere or do anything. It was an amazing infusion of renewed love and vitality that our relationship was screaming for. Anyway, the new picture top right of my blog page is from that day. Here are a few more.
Sunlight was coming through this huge Cypress.
The group behind me were enjoying and Austrailian on his Digaridoo(?) I was able to practice my yoga and breathing techinques by a creek.

Adam know, Adam! He really took his time taking the picture of the rose.
I laid on the cool floor of this humidifed green house to get the Dr. Suess effect of the Brazilian succulants.


Emily said...

Looks like fun. Great date idea:)

Lauren said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. I am glad you got to go on a date!